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Holy Week Lingers—When We Praise

[I will be posting my Holy Week sermons over the next day or two. Here is the first one.]

(A sermon based on Luke 19:28-40 for Palm Sunday 2013)

That first Holy Week occurred almost 2000 years ago. Yet here we are, as we are year after year after year, recalling it, celebrating it, and standing in awe of it. It’s one thing, of course, to have an historical observance, to mark an event as having happened, and to think nothing else of it. But we don’t do that with truly significant events. Take American Independence Day, for example. Yes, we remember and celebrate that initial throwing off of the colonial yoke by our forebears, but that is not all that we do. We also celebrate the continuing working out of what our independence means. Independence Day matters mainly because of its continuing influence. Along that same line I pose the question this week, “When does Holy Week linger in our lives?” When does it continue to have the influence that it was meant to have? Today we o…