Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Lord Spoke

From Annie Dillard, quoting something she had read in Hasidism: “Rebbe Shmelke of Nickolsburg, it was told, never really heard his teacher, the Maggid of Mezritch, finish a thought because as soon as the latter would say ‘and the Lord spoke,’ Shmelke would begin shouting in wonderment, ‘The Lord spoke, the Lord spoke,’ and continue shouting until he had to be carried from the room” (The Writing Life, p. 35).

Shouldn’t we preachers be similarly overwhelmed over the fact that the Lord spoke?

Shouldn’t we be so overwhelmed that it is hard to move past our state of being overwhelmed and on to a posture of preaching?

Shouldn’t we wonder if we are ready to preach if we are not in the midst of our preparation and our delivery continually overwhelmed to know that the Lord spoke?

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  1. I love good preaching. I am so fortunate to have a priest at my parish that preaches the Love of Christ in such a way that most are really moved. Better than being moved we try and live his preaching. He even leads contemplative retreats for Baptist ministers.